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What are the natural tourist attractions in Masbate?

1347335963KDRsPODJWhile talking about Masbate,it is rich in beauty of nature which can attract you towards it.Here,we are going to talk about some of the natural attractions found in Masbate.

 Matangtubig spring is very unique and fascinating spring with three sources. Well,the spring is come out of a rock and trees and other vegetation provide a shade around the area of spring.

My friend currently working at Lawn Care Medina TN told me that Cagpating Island is very beautiful natural island consisting of clear water along with pebbles placed on one side of beach. The activities like fishing and boat riding are popular here.

 Furthermore, Tinalisay Island is found in Burias island,which is the best place to visit due to opportunities of sunbathing and swimming. The beauty of island is unspoiled till now which makes it an attractive place for visitors.

In addition to it,San Isidro,a beautiful beach found in Brgy, extending from south to east having the length about four km.It is consisted of white sand having crystal clear water and has capacity to accommodate more than thousand people. The beach is surrounded by coconut trees giving it very attractive look.

Putting Island is another beautiful island which is famous for its white sand clear water.Here,spacer spacer cadulou beach is very popular for its activities such as swimming and sunbathing.

So,the above mentioned  tourist attractions are true examples of beauty of nature which should be admired by visitors by visiting them.