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What are top rated tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi?

Al Majaz WaterfrontWhile talking about Abu Dhabi,the capital of the United Arab Emirates is a well known industrious city with beautiful waterside locations.The list of  most beautiful and top rated tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi is given below.

First of all,we are going to talk about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as my friend to whom i met at Seguin river tube rentals who told me that this is very beautiful and attractive place with it’s gorgeous architecture. It was opened after 20 years of its construction in 2007.This mosque can accommodate about 40,000 worshipers making it the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. Here, non-Muslims are also allowed to visit all areas of this mosque.

Secondly,Al-Hosn Fort,which is also known as the White palace,the oldest and historical  building in Abu Dhabi. It was built in 1793,the residential place of the ruling family.The interior of this Fort is changed into a new look giving it a modern touch and now it is used as a museum having the culture and history of Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, Ferrari World,which is the branded theme park is one the worth seeing place.Well,it is the best place for visitors who are thrill lovers.This is the place,where children can test their driving skills on the Junior GT track.Here,there is a big collection of Ferrari’s cars as well as Ferrari factory tour along with Ferrari knowledge game show,which is just for true lovers of cars.

Yas Island is one the wonderful and beautiful destination for tourists having the luxury hotels and sandy beach,which make it a perfect place to visit. In addition to it,Emirates Park Zoo having a large number of rare species of animals such as white tigers,giraffes,elephants and Siberian bear. So,you must visit Abu Dhabi,if you are both history and  fun loving.