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What are the top rated tourist attractions in Norway?

Tourist-Attractions-in-Norway-7It will not be wrong to say that Norway is best combination of both cultural and natural wonders. It is rich in stunning natural scenery, mountains and glaciers. Let’s discuss its attractive features .

A person during my flight who was from Norway. He was currently working in Portland Pest Control. He told me that First of all scenic rail routes are the best way to see the charming countryside in  Norway. Norway’s train system is very classic as it offers steam trains, gourmet train excursions and pedal powered rail tricycles are abundantly used on rail line which are one of the reasons of visitors attractions and also for local amusement.

Norway’s national day is held on May 17th. A big celebration takes place here in Oslo and it is crowded by large number of people to see the parades. Here Royal Palace Square is another famous spot to visit. Various type of concerts and activities take place here including race and a big fire work display.

Lillehammer is one of the famous tourist destinations. Its attractions are as follows Maihaugen Park an open air museum and a stave church. Winter Olympics, the list of activities is skating, curling and sleigh rides.

Atlantic Ocean road is one of national tourist routes out of 18 routes in Norway. It is an important connection for the group of small islands. It has gained popularity as a Coastal highway in the world. Several sites here has gained the attention of the tourist including restaurants and resorts.

An Arctic Circle, a measurable section of Northern Norway is located. This region is the most attractive place for visitors due to this Arctic Circle. here, the midnight sun is very charming and sight and a wonderful experience in summer when these latitudes see endless days when sun does not set.

Geirangerfjord region north of Alesund gives some of the best natural scenery in the Norway Mountains around it are simply awesome.