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which are the worth seeing historical places in Egypt?

shutterstock_175712690_616x346 Blog Imageswhile talking about Egypt ,the ancient Egypt is one of the greatest and world’ famous civilizations. During ancient times, the Egyptians had produced the historical monuments which are the most wonderful and worthing seeing. Some of them are listed as under . First of all , the most important and famous thing to visit in Egypt is “The Pyramids of Giza” .Well , Giza is situated in southwestern  suburbs of Cairo is considered as the host for various kinds of the most popular Egyptian monuments with respect to the historical  point of view .

The pyramids of Giza were constructed over the span of three generations such as Khufu’s sons khafre and menkaure . About period of 20 year was consumed to built the pyramid, including more than 2 million blocks of stones which were used to construct it . Its height is about 139 meter (455 feet). So this great pyramid has got to take its places in the seven wonders of Ancient world. The other most worth seeing place in Egypt is ” The Valley of Tombs for kings were made . It had covered the era from 16th to 11th BC this valley is consisted of 63  tombs, ranging in size from a tomb with minimum number of chambers to a large tomb with 120 chambers. All the tombs were decorated with the sceneries depicting the funeral rituals of that period. Let’s talk about another monument the Luxor Temple which an ancient temple situated on the east bank of river Nile in the city of The bas . Actually this temple was a dedication to the Egyptian Gods namely ,Amun Mut and Chons.ThIS Ancient temple was a home for annual festival of opet,Tubes.During the annual festival,the statues of these three Gods are taken to the Luxor temple accompanying armed forces for protection. Well, another worth seeing place is white desert of Egypt.This desert is consisted of chalk mountains,look like snowy wonderland in the middle of the sand.This desert is a real treat for dessert lovers and adventurers.                                                          

And next is the Abu simbel which is very important historical place consisting of two temples which are made of rocks located in southern Egypt on the western bank of Lake Nasser. Both temples were carved out of mountains in 13th century  BC during  the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses the Great.

Another famous , historically well known place, situated in Dahshur is The   Bent  Pyramid. It is second pyramid constructed by Pharaoh Sneferu.It’s origin is very mysterious, as this pyramid was arose from the desert at an angle of 55 degrees and it changes . In Egypt , it is the only pyramid which has lime store easing still intact.